Supplier Qualification

To manage your supplier network nuTIQ is offering an integrated approach for supplier evaluation risk related to origin and product based on

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Your Specialist for Supplier Qualification

"The evaluation of incoming goods inspections, food testing and supplier audits is leading to data based risk assessment. It is a powerful tool for supplier qualification and supplier approval."
Foto: Claudia Stumme - Food Consultant
Claudia Stumme
Food Consultant

Supplier Audits

According to various quality management systems a procedure for the approval of supplier is mandatory. nuTIQ is offering an expert network providing supplier audits on all stages of the food supply chain. We are working with our scalable audit questionnaire in a modular design with the advantage to monitor the future development or including additional approaches like social standards or sustainability issues.

Evaluation of Data

A significant evaluation of data is the basis for a data based risk assessment. It is essential to collect all availabe information of samples to produce reliable information about food safety status of the country of origin, the supplier, the production process or the state of sanitation.