Risk assessment for Food Safety

A powerful tool to reduce costs and to control
the risk in international sourcing of raw material

nuTIQ GmbH is offering an integrated approach of

Integrated nuTIQ Solutions based on
International Standards and International Regulations

Risk assessment is a mandatory part of the EU frame work (REGULATION (EC) No 178/2002) for food safety not only for authorities but also for all operators along the food supply chain.

In the last years the USA with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and also the British Retail Consortium Global Standards (BRC) demanded a risk assessment in the supplier management with the additional focus on food fraud.

As the sourcing of raw material is getting more and more globalized to guarantee food security during the whole year and because the first steps of the value chain are done in the countries of origin a risk assessment without digital tools is nearly impossible.

Photo: Food security - networked farming grow - mobile quality monitoring

Sampling and Inspection in more than 100 Countries

With a network of partners in more than 100 countries nuTIQ is offering sampling of all kind of food products and food commodities and inspection of food production plants or warehouses.
The integrated approach of the nuTIQ GmbH is based on risk related to product and origin. We guide our customer risk-based to a suitable sampling or inspection scope. Additionally nuTIQ with its partner network is offering loss assessment worldwide.


HACCP is compulsory for handling, processing and dealing with food.
nuTIQ offers HACCP concepts and systems for all stages of the food chain.

Your Specialist for Risk Assesment and Risk Management

"During my career in food safety business it is getting more and more difficult for international trade and production of food items to have an overview about the different international food safety legislation. With founding the nuTIQ GmBH my aim is to provide integrated services with a worldwide network to ensure global commodity trade."
Image: Thomas Unger - Managing Director
Thomas Unger
Managing Director

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