Food production Quality

Quality assurance is essential for producing safe food

nuTIQ GmbH is offering an integrated approach based on

Control of food handling and good hygiene practice
are leading to reliable food production

In order to comply with good manufacturing practices and a high standard of hygiene in food manufacturing, a thorough system of quality controls should be implemented during production

nuTIQ is offering on-site-services to support and improve your control measures by:

Photo: Food security - networked farming grow - mobile quality monitoring

Farming Service for Quality

Whether organic cultivation or conventional. If small farming or modern agriculture, nuTIQ is offering services all around good agricultural practices.

Hygiene Inspections

The daily routine in food production often leads to a one-sided view on your processes. Faults in food handling and sanitation might occur and harm the food safety in production. A qualified nuTIQ specialist will help you with external input to avoid these risks. Our digitalized reporting system helps you get a quick overview over the main findings and the quality situation in production.


We offer on-site-sampling by experienced and qualified nuTIQ experts to supervise your sanitation, the personal hygiene, quality and safety of incoming goods, production processes and the finished products.

Trainings and Seminars

A well trained staff is the key to reliable food safety in production. Awareness and knowledge of general hygiene, hygienic handling of food, correct cleaning and of hazards for food are essential. 

nuTIQ is offering tailormade inhouse-trainings and seminars on a wide range of themes around food production hygiene, legal regulations, food safety management standards, HACCP and a lot more.


Not only pathogenic organisms like listeria and salmonella with their hazardous influence on consumers safety, but also other bacteria like yeast and molds affecting the shelf life of your products are a daily challenge in food production. Poor allergene management and incorrect packing of finished products could have an influence on the quality and safety of food products. As the production is getting more and more automatized nuTIQ with its team of experts in various food sectors is offering trouble shooting on-site.