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Digitize your HACCP system with nuControl

Developed by
food safety experts

Intuitive handling incl. assessment guide

Flow diagrams & hazard analyses as PDFs

What benefits does the HACCP App offer you?

With our web-based HACCP app, you can easily create your concept online: The tool guides you step-by-step through all required stages and provides detailed instructions and intelligent assessment guides to establish an efficient, paperless internal HACCP system. Your entire production process is immediately available as a flow chart and can be downloaded together with the hazard analysis as a PDF export for audits.

More security • Saves time & resources • 24/7 access

How does the HACCP app work?

With the “HACCP Digital” app, you map your entire production process step-by-step using drag-and-drop. You can create your ingredients and raw materials via a user-friendly search function and arrange all work steps from goods receipt to the final product. During hazard analysis, relevant hazards with type and severity are automatically assigned to your raw materials and work steps. Once you have gone through all the necessary steps, the results are available to you as a PDF export in the download area.

Basic Licence

Test all app features without any restrictions

3 Months Licence

Digitize your HACCP system including PDF export

Annual Licence

Manage your production with the HACCP App

We support you in the preparation and further development of an effective HACCP system for compliance with national and international food safety requirements.

Details and frequently asked questions about the HACCP APP

Are you interested in our HACCP App and would like to learn more? We would be happy to present the possibilities and advantages of the tool to you without obligation in our webinar series “HACCP: Grundlagen und digitale Lösungen” (currently only in German). In addition, you can gain initial experience completely free of charge with the basic license.
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Web-based App



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Incl. OCP (Organic Control Points)


Support from Food Safety experts

In the app, raw materials, raw material groups as well as work steps are linked to potential hazards that may occur. The type and severity of the hazard is also already assigned, so that you only have to decide in the hazard analysis whether this hazard is relevant for your specific process and how high the probability of occurrence is for it.

The determination of the critical control points is based on a calculation matrix. An example: when shock freezing a pizza, there is a risk of unwanted germ growth. This is a biological hazard that is serious (3). If you indicate in the HACCP app that the probability of occurrence of this hazard in your process is real (3), the tool calculates a correspondingly high-risk level (9). If the subsequent work steps do not offer the possibility to control this hazard, a critical control point (CCP) is created.

You can start with the basic license of our HACCP app for free and test all features without restrictions. If you want to use your HACCP concept as a finished document with all flow charts and hazard analyses for self-monitoring, we recommend one of the two subsequent licenses to unlock the PDF export. For smaller companies and startups, the three-month license may already be beneficial. If you want to work with the app regularly, it is best to choose the annual license and thus reduce the monthly price to 75 euros.

You can get to know the HACCP app in a free, no-obligation webinar and have all the functions presented to you for quick access. If you need any additional assistance, you can always contact our support team directly via the app. The nuTIQ team consists of food safety experts and can therefore provide you with the best possible consulting not only on technical but also on content-related topics. As an additional service, we offer you a certification of your HACCP concept, so that you gain even more safety. You can also book this option conveniently in the download area of the tool.

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