Food Supply Chain

Climate change, competition for acreage, volatile ressource markets and a fast growing middle class worldwide lead to supply chains that are getting increasingly global and a food industry that is faced with new challenges.

Food security is focussing high demands

With the services of nuTIQ GmbH you come up to the consumer expectations regarding the availability and quality of food during the whole year
Food Safety
Food Authenticity
Food Quality

nuTIQ - Integrated Solutions along the entire Food Supply Chain

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For the quality management and the procurement department international sourcing of food commodities is a daily challenge to source flexible without loosing control. nuTIQ GmbH is offering integrated solutions along the entire food supply chain with a tool box of world wide services of

nuTIQ Services along the entire Food Supply Chain


Turnover in organic farming grows more than 10% annually. Organic agriculture is practiced in over 173 countries worldwide. The acreage for organic products grows by more than 15% annually.


Quality Assurance in food production is essential to produce safe food


Globalization of food supply is a big opportunity for producer and supplier of food commodities

Our Vision - Food Security

With establishing nuTIQ we want to provide a valuable contribution to all participants of the nutritional value chain.

Our aim is to support food producer and importer to make safe and sustainable food available for consumers and help supplier for their market entry globally.

Testing – Inspection – Quality Services

Food security and quality are key drivers for a sustainable and credible relationship between customers and food industry or food importer.

nuTIQ is offering integrated solutions for food safety and food authenticity to secure the availabilty of nutritional goods with the expected quality. We create risk based recommendations for testing scopes, sampling and inspection methods or modular supplier audit scopes.

Sampling on Site - by you or us

1. Preparing

Package the Sample
Description of Sample
Origin of Sample

2. Sending

Test Parameters
Contact details

3. Food Testing

39 Lab Locations
> 1,900 Methods
> 600 Substances

4. Submission

Accredited Food Test Report

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