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Food safety culture assessment tool

Identify the potentials for your company with the food safety culture scan

Free, digital assessment on food safety culture

Get Your results in less
than 10 minutes

Comprehensive questionnaire with scoring

What are the benefits of the food safety culture scan?

Use our scan as a prelude to develop the safety culture further in your company. The questionnaire is based on the guideline C355/2022 of the European Commission and helps you to assess the current situation in your business and to identify areas where you are already in a strong position or where you can still make improvements.

5 Steps • 28 Questions • Result by e-mail

How does the security scan work?

You answer a series of simple questions in 5 steps and receive a score that reveals the current level of your food safety culture. Please note that we do not store intermediate scores. It is best to fill out the assessment completely within your session and have the result sent to you by e-mail.

The prerequisite for an effective food safety culture is the comprehensive training of your team in hygiene, HACCP and legal requirements. Use and benefit from various nuTIQ trainings for your success.

How much importance do you attach to food safety culture in your company?

The food safety culture is defined by the shared values and standards within your company. It is designed to improve your team’s awareness and behavior with regard to food safety and to sustainably ensure the quality of your products.

Implementing and maintaining an appropriate culture is a complex task. The commitment pays off, however, because a positive food safety culture leads to improved customer satisfaction, greater sustainability and brand protection, as well as comprehensive risk minimization.

Use our security scan as a tool to embark on a successful strategy and implementation.

nuTIQ services complementary to the food safety culture assessment tool

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iMIS Food

With the full comprehensive management system "iMIS Food", you as a food manufacturer are able to take food safety into your own hands and increase efficiency within your company