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Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR) in the food industry

The increasing liberalization of global trade presents companies in the food industry with new challenges. They have a responsibility to identify and eliminate health hazards from food at an early stage in order to comply with legal requirements and enable their clients to enjoy food safely. They must be able to rely globally on the quality of their goods, as well as on the production facilities and, last but not least, the suppliers.

But the responsibility does not stop there. Topics such as environmental protection and fair conditions in cultivation and trade are increasingly becoming the focus of general attention. In the end, it is no longer “just” a matter of ensuring the health of consumers. It also means anchoring sustainability and social responsibility in corporate strategy.

A side note: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR is a self-regulating business model that helps a company to be socially responsible – to itself, its stakeholders and the public.

Because CSR is a broad term, it can take many forms depending on the company and the industry. In order to identify the right measures for one’s own company, it is not uncommon for an independent CSR consultancy to be called in for this reason.

CSR is more

... than a moral or ethical issue. It is just as decisive for the success of a company. Future-proof business operations, cost reduction and improved customer loyalty and crisis prevention are just some of the advantages.

CSR for fair working conditions and sustainability

Synergies between food safety & CSR

So today’s clients are no longer only interested in ecological issues. Social justice, fair working conditions and sustainability also influence purchasing decisions. And so it seems only logical to add human rights due diligence to food safety efforts.

But why does it make sense to consider food safety and sustainability together?

One of the most important reasons is cost and time efficiency: Instead of conducting separate audits to highlight individual aspects of the supply chain, a holistic service mix consisting of, for example, sampling, site verification and social audit can paint an all-round picture.

By integrating sustainability into risk assessment, companies can streamline the purchasing and quality process while creating more awareness of the various issues, thus building a reliable supply chain.

Synergies between nuTIQ and ETIKA

One of nuTIQ’s main goals is to offer food companies a 360° service. The idea is that companies get an experienced contact person who brings together all relevant topics to holistically meet the requirements of the food industry. 

For this reason, nuTIQ is always looking to expand its network of experts and has recently partnered with ETIKA to include CSR consulting in the future.

The partnership between ETIKA and nuTIQ creates the necessary pool of expertise and the multi-disciplinary approach required to successfully manage both food safety and corporate social and environmental responsibilities.

tea analysis in cultivation

Your CSR specialist ETIKA

ETIKA is a specialist sustainability and human rights consultancy based in Hamburg and Brussels. The team of CSR specialists provides support in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of social audits and brings the “sustainability lens” to food risk assessment along the supply chain.
ETIKA wants to be the extended CSR department of smaller companies. The goal is always to make CSR simpler and more concrete and to offer flexible and practical solutions. With the CSR Helpdesk, ETIKA supports with weekly coaching on topics such as human rights violations in the supply chain.

ETIKA – your CSR specialist: more information at etika.io


Are you looking for CSR consulting and support from specialists?

With nuTIQ, you have an interdisciplinary team with many years of experience in the areas of food safety and social responsibility at your side. Take advantage of our expertise and a global network for your business success.
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